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Guild Committees

Descriptions of Guild Committees

Quilt Cupboard – Your committee is responsible for collecting and distributing quilts to needy families or charities in the area. Generally one guild meeting and one Open Sew per year is devoted to the Quilt Cupboard – so you will work together with the Programs Committee to schedule those.

Quilt Show 2015 — 2 Co-Chairs for this committee. All subcommittees will report to you and you will report to the Board to keep them updated on the plans. You are responsible for ALL aspects of the guild’s biannual quilt show. There is much more information regarding these Quilt Show Chair Positions than can be listed here.

Secret Valentines – This committee organizes the guild’s Secret Valentine event. Names are drawn and each person makes a gift and mails it to their secret valentine.

Refreshments – This Chairperson makes sure that there are refreshments available at each guild meeting. We ask everyone to contribute at some time during the year. It is your decision how elaborate or simple you make the refreshments.

Outreach – This committee will work with area charities to determine their needs and how the guild can help. In the past we’ve regularly given paper towels and small toiletries, as well as non-perishable food items to various charities.

Challenge Quilt – The Challenge Quilt Chair will organize and conduct the Challenge Quilt Program. You are asked to present your ideas to the Board before announcing them to the general membership.

Newsletter – Your responsibility is to collect, edit, and publish a monthly newsletter for the guild. You will also distribute the newsletters – either electronically or by mail.

Quilter of the Month — You will need to recruit a Quilter of the Month each month to display his/her quilts before the guild meetings. You will need to write an article about the QOM for the newsletter.

Raffle Quilt 2014-15 – This committee will decide the design of our next raffle quilt which will be awarded at the next quilt show. With design approval from the board, the committee organizes the creation and assembly of the quilt. The committee is also responsible for making sure raffle tickets are sold by the membership.

Programs – This committee is overseen by the Guild Board. A number of members are needed to help plan the programs for the guild year.

Workshops – This committee communicates with the Guild Board to determine which workshops to offer and which teachers to hire for the guild year. They are also responsible for the monthly Open Sew dates.

Block of the Month-This committee plans the BOM program for the guild. This generally is a large committee with each member responsible for doing a different BOM.

Library Committee-The members keep a database of books available to the guild and operate the check-out system. The library is stored in movable bookcases stored at our meeting site.

Library Show- Every spring, the Lawrence Library in Pepperell asks the guild to display quilts for about a month. You will need to work with the liaison at the Lawrence Library as well as collect the quilts from our members to hang.

Monthly Raffle-This is a FUN committee (and a fund raiser for the guild). Each month, you will purchase raffle gifts that you think will appeal to our guild members. At each meeting you will sell tickets and then draw the winner’s names.

Membership-This is one of the most vital committees of the guild. The Chair an members have multiple tasks to accomplish at each meeting. You will keep track of all guild members; Publish membership lists for the members at least twice a year ; Check in members that attend each meeting; Welcome new members and guests; Compile a Membership Welcome Packet; including a kits to make a name badge; Issue new membership cards after dues have been paid.

New England Quilt Museum- This committee acts as liaison between our guild and exchanges information about the New England Quilt Museum.






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